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Kom jij ’s ochtends ook altijd tijd tekort? Dan biedt de nieuwe SPRUTT collectie van IKEA uitkomst. #IKEA #badkamer #wonen

Bathroom update: A stool that doubles as a laundry basket is a great space-saver for tiny bathrooms. See the new SPRUTT range in live from IKEA FAMILY

Need help with storage in the bathroom? These SPRUTT storage stools are just as useful for storing laundry as they are for seating for the little ones. Find out more!

These SPRUTT storage stools are just as useful for storing laundry as they are for seating for the little ones.

IKEA - FINTORP, Scolaposate, Ti aiuta a liberare spazio sul piano di lavoro e, allo stesso tempo, ti permette di tenere gli utensili da cucina a portata di mano.Si può appendere al binario FINTORP, con l'aiuto dei ganci FINTORP, oppure appoggiare sul tavolo o sul davanzale della finestra.Fori per il deflusso sul fondo.

IKEA - FINTORP, Cutlery stand, Helps free up space on your worktop while keeping cooking utensils close at hand.Can be hung on FINTORP rail using FINTORP hooks, or kept freestanding on the table or windowsill.

Your beverage will never be far away with this Slate-Trimmed Sofa Side Table in your home! The table's base slides under upholstered furniture to provide a flat surface to keep drinks and snacks close at hand. No matter where you sit on the couch, the ta

Slate-Trimmed Sofa Side Table, great for a lap top or tv tray for snacking

RATIONELL VARIERA Box IKEA Attached handle; easy to place in a drawer, on a {pantry/linen closet} shelf or on a counterop.

VARIERA Box, high gloss white

VARIERA Box - high-gloss/white, cm - IKEA Use under kitchen island bench to store lunch containers etc

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IKEA RISATORP trolley Perfect as extra storage in your kitchen, hall, bedroom or home office.

WorldMarket.com: Peacock Paige Barstool, they also have linen and charcoal grey...barstool area? Need 2 of them.

Peacock Paige Barstool

A classic with a round back silhouette, our Peacock Paige Barstool is crafted of American white oak with carved details and a distressed finish. Plush velvet upholstery makes this exclusive barstool a stylish seating update for the home bar.

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女性で、4LDK、の生活感万歳‼︎/関西好きやねん会/RC和歌山支部/いつもありがとうございます❤️/IKEA…などについてのインテリア実例を紹介。「IKEAのワゴンのビスを、セリアの春色取っ手に替えました❁」(この写真は 2015-03-24 08:27:08 に共有されました)