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Studioooij (New York, USA)

Blueprint Table Linens by Studioooij at supermarkethq

The anatomy of a cupcake @Jenni Petersen  For your store!

these catching up things

Anatomy of a Cupcake is a fun poster from Allen Hemberger and Sarah Wilson. It was created as a birthday present for a girl named Lesleigh. Watch the making of video to see how they pieced it together.

未来魂セプト — ntmn: Vintage InfoPorn No.1

未来魂セプト — ntmn: Vintage InfoPorn No.1

Online Stalking: How to Google Your Way Out of Love

Have you ever met someone at a bar and didn’t get their number and are kicking yourself now? Well, thanks to the Internet, finding them isn’t as c

Sometimes I try to picture what everything would look like if the whole spectrum were compressed into the visible spectrum.  Also sometimes I try to picture your sister naked.

The Electromagnetic Spectrum - infographic comic- even tells spectrum of shouting car salesman ads

Data visualitation | That's ADV baby! | Manifesto on Behance

Five Advertising Agency Tips & Secrets. Work in a team. That's ADV, baby! “Manifesto” by Fabrizio Tarussio via Behance.