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Pop Culture Paintings by Camargo Valentino

Pop Culture Paintings by Camargo Valentino

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Buddies: Illustrations by Dave Collinson

Buddies: Illustrations by Dave Collinson

"Pop Culture Buddies" illustration series by Dave Collinson. Great movie and series coulples like Jesse Pinkman & Heisenberg, Marty McFly & Dr.

"Famous Buddies", a series of illustrations of Dave Collinson, who pays tribute to the famous duos of Pop Culture, from Breaking Bad to Pulp Fiction through Wa

Famous Buddies – The famous duos from Pop Culture

Everyone needs a drinking buddy.even characters in movies and TV. British based illustrator Dave Collinson illustrates a few of his favorite.

Movie One Sheet, Pulp Fiction Poster: 91.5cm x 61cm - Buy Online

Movie One Sheet Pulp Fiction Poster

Amanti Art Pulp Fiction-Duo Guns Framed Art Print with Gel Coated Finish, 37 x 25 @ NiftyWareHouse

To Be Alone With You

The boys hangin' out before disposing of Marvin's body. Quentin Tarantino, Samuel L. Jackson and John Travolta on the set of Pulp Fiction, 1994

Men Who Watch the World Burn

Men Who Watch the World Burn

'Some men just want to watch the world burn' Alex Delarge, The Joker, Tyler Durden (A Clockwork Orange,The Dark Knight, Fight Club)

Great series of illustrations by Chinese artist Cun Shi ".........................................   10. WHIPLASH : Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons clash as teacher and student in a movie about ambition, motivation, limits, and what it takes to be the best. SImmons is insane in this film, one of the best performances of the year, I'm going to say it now, Congrats on your Best Supp. Actor Oscar J.K Simmons !!!

Illustrations by Cun Shi

The Year’s Best Films: Whiplash (Illustration by Cun Shi; Art directed by Dennis Huynh; Simmons and Miles Teller drummed up live-wire performances in Whiplash, which our Chris Nashawaty named the number one movie of the year.

Alternatieve Filmposter voor Pulp Fiction. Vooral zwart waardoor de kleuren geel en wit eruit springen. De titel staat links onderaan en er is een speciaal effect op toegepast.

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Tarantino vs The Coen Brothers Artwork

Tarantino vs The Coen Brothers Artwork

heartbeatsclub: Don’t be a square : new drawing and print San Francisco! There is a very nice show near you: Quentin vs Coen at the Spoke art gallery ft my Mia Wallace and Llewyn Davis drawings! Amazing artists and fine art prints!