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"Red Ram" Dodge Hemi engine. The 1956 Dodge D-500 276 HP was the fastest production car in the world in 1956. The 2-4 barrel set-up won the title at the 1st Super Stock class National drag Championship.The D-500 was 1st to run +100 mph in 1/4 mile & 1st under 14 s O to 60 -8 s The '56 D-500 topped the performance of all U.S. production cars at the annual Nascar speed trials at Daytona Beach. Winning the Bonneville endurance records in 14-day race. Forcing Chevrolet to step up in 1957.

"Danger Will Robinson." Lost in Space. S) - oh screw Will Robinson, I'm going crunch her tin foil and make her head spin

56 Chevy Nomad with Nomad trailer - Involuntarily, out of my mouth came the exclamation, "Oh no!", when I saw this.

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