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random facts, I don't know if all of these are true, but if it is then cool!

I pinned this for the rosy lipped baitfish. Lol I didn't know my grandma had an underwater doppelgänger

Made this rainbow ha

Made this rainbow hand print flower pot with the kids and it was so easy and turned out beautifully. What a great keepsake.


I'm not even joking this is my freaking life goal even though it's pretty much completely impossible 😢

9GAG - The best things in the world

The best things in the world

The best things in the world. Suzanne - I totally agree! The simple pleasures always mean the most.

Teenager Posts

Okay this is a legitimate problem for me. I can't hear well and I often end up doing this smile and nod routine.

all the time with me.

(GIF) Harry Styles sums up that title! but his laugh is so adorable.

That's what it's all about

What Do You Meme You Don't Get It?