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Jagdtiger was the heaviest tank of WW2. It was also a piece of junk. Built by the Germans, only 88 were built. It weighed over 70 tons. It required meticulous care and training and most broke down before combat. When used properly, it was devastating. The 128mm round could destroy vehicles even after going through buildings. Its best success was in the last week of the war when a handful destroyed a battalion of American Shermans in a single day. The Germans still surrendered the next day.

Grinding in some lengthy hours at course so this was a really good break from production work. This is for a contest that is holding for her OC. Normally I would of went for the jedi robes bu...

Legolas always has a number of arrows on his person. And he always seems to have an extra bow when the first one is destroyed.

Strong tungsten turns this deer antler ring into a tough hunters ring. A tungsten wedding band will last the ages, since it will not scratch or warp. This ring is ready to ship in 1-2 business days! (While supplies for your size lasts) This product comes with Ring Armor Waterproofing (a $75 value). DETAILS OF THE RING Ring Width: 8 mm Ring Sleeve: Tungsten Ring Profile: Flat Ring Finish: Polished 2.5 mm Tungsten 3 mm Deer Antler 2.5 mm Tungsten SKU: SIG3016 Available…

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