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It was like she had a soul too big for her; it filled her to the brim till there was no more space, so it flowed out through her eyes.

That describes me perfectly. When I do something I give it my 100% otherwise I won't do it at all #enfp

I am not a half hearted person at all so most of what I do is with passion. The good the bad and the other! Quote of the day - 79 Ideas

Victoria Erickson on sensitivity. Find her on facebook: Victoria Erickson, writer                                                                                                                                                      More

Victoria Erickson on sensitivity. yes, to all of us super sensitive souls . we don't really have a choice. it is who we are. who we are. We are beautiful! (so is everybody else!

This is probably the most relatable zodiac characteristic I've ever come across.

When stressed, Pisces like to withdraw into a safe place for necessary alone time.

I hope you know just how brave you are

I hope you know just how brave you are

Pisces || There's an eerie correlation between Pisces and Myers-Briggs' INTJ type.

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Well that's a bit harsh.....I'm a Scorpio

Well that's a bit harsh.....I'm a Scorpio

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Or "uh huh" or "whatever" or "shut up" or "die". Im sure that theres a lot more. We just cant be bothered. No one has time for your bullshit. Especially Virgos. Most of us are introverts for a reason.