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Make up is a staple in almost every girl's life. But what is it really doing to the skin when used, and is their such a thing as safe makeup?

Chaleen....ex coworker of Jesse. Also past girlfriend. Blonde chignon hairdo. Hazel eyes. Wears red lipstick and fingernail polish

Natasha Poly as she appeared recently on the cover of Allure Russia. Love the red lips and red nails!

Need to look fresh in an instant? Apply some white eyeliner or shimmery light eyeshadow to the inner corner of your eyes - instant brightness, banishes tiredness!

Simple makeup looks are very essential in today’s world. But most of the people think that these simple makeup tips will certainly help them out with easy makeup ideas. Here are some easy makeup tricks which will certainly enhance your beauty.

Controversial, but a true genius, John Galliano

Makeup by the legendary Pat Mcgrath. Love this makeup and the emotion in the models face. Will be going for more pastel colours though