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Australian Terrier low shedding and low energy however will chase after small animals such as cats and lizards.

Australian Terrier Low Shedding & Low Energy However Will Chase After Small Animals Such Ss Cats & Lizards.

5 Dog Breeds that Unfortunately have shorter lifespans

I can't help it, this Irish Wolfhound is so cool! Kruimel Irish Wolfhound in knit cap by Paul Croes.

Funny Dachshund | Cepera Extra Strong Pepper Sauce Prints: Dogs

“Photographer Seth Casteel has definitely taken animal photography to new heights – or depths – with his hilarious photos of dogs chasing balls underwater. Casteel, who, naturally, has two dogs of his own (a mini Labradoodle and a Norwich terrier).

¡Hola! ¿Hay alguien?  :))

20 Fun & interesting Facts About Dogs

My first dog was a Westie. Got her when I was five. She was supposed to have puppies with the male Westie next store. But, George was old, and wasn't interested in Georgia (my dog). Alas, no star-crossed lovers.

Our Australian Terriers "Bongo and Pepper".

Our Australian Terriers "Bongo and Pepper".

Jack the Australian Terrier

Hi, my name is Captain Jack Sparrow but you can call me Jack! I may not say 'Arggghhh' but I do say 'Arf!' I was born in a puppy mill, then sold in a pet store and eventually given up to a rescue asso