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Going Out, October 21, 1933. Whatever the circumstances, the woman's daughter, on her way to bed, is clearly not happy about being excluded from the events that are about to unfold, but Rockwell leaves to our imagination whether she is staring at her mother in disgust or gazing in admiration.

American Mirror: The Life and Art of Norman Rockwell By Deborah Solomon - Norman Rockwell, as much as Walt Disney or Ronald Reagan, provided America with a mirror of its dreams and aspirations. As the star illustrator for The Saturday Evening Post for nearly half a century, Rockwell portrayed a fantasy of civic togetherness, of American decency and good cheer. Or, as Deborah Solomon writes in her authoritative new biography, he painted a history of the American people that had never…

'American Mirror' reveals life and art of Norman Rockwell "American Mirror" a first-rate biography of man behind all those Saturday Evening Post covers