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Cana and Guildarts - *crying*

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Fairy Tail (Guild)

Fairy Tail (Guild) - Fairy Tail Wiki, the site for Hiro Mashima's manga and anime series, Fairy Tail.

Roses are red, strawberries too, cake is mine, not for you, if you ever take my cake, I'll take my sword and slash your face, Erza Scarlet, funny, text; Fairy Tail

It's an eternal mystery. We will hopefully find out in the future!!!

fairy tail logo - Szukaj w Google

Oh I love Snow Fairy!! <<< funny cuz, I know the full version of the song by heart XD

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Natsu Dragneel

fairy tail funny - Google Search

Yes!!! Every time Frosh is upet I get upset because look at that face!!!! Tell me that you don't get upset when that cute little frog dressed cat starts crying and I'll call you heartless!!!

when somebody mentions one of my favorite animes... I can't help but to take over the conversation !!!