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Track 8: If I could Could Cloth Diaper All Over Again...

I thought it would be fun to link up with Padded Tush Stats to write about what I'd choose if I were cloth diapering for the first time, al.

Cloth Diapers and pin, used these for my first 3 kids.

Have Cloth Diapers Had Their Day? I am sure that most new parents have all the arguments for and against the use of cloth diapers, or nappi.

I've already made the decision to do cloth diapers...but this was a great read and I recommend it for all the skeptics ---> Q and A about cloth diapers

Everything you need to know about cloth diapering (but were too afraid to ask)

How many cloth diapers do I need?

One of the questions we asked in our Annual Cloth Diaper Pulse Survey was how many diapers did our cloth diapering families have in their stash.

Blooming Bums: Tutorial: Cloth Diaper elastic repair (casing style)

tutorial: how to replace elastic in BG pocket diapers