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R a g n o p i n o l o Here's my baby blonde head! He's 19 months old now, I can't believe how fast is he growing! I'm busy taking pics of him and spending all the time I can with him, as I can feel that this period of our lives in which we are so deepy connected is going to pass by quickly.

was tuen in magazine-holders: -magazine -ringbücher/ordner -Zeitung/SchmierPapier -Bastel/Buntpapier -Kartonstücke -dünnere Unibücher

One of my childhood favorites - Sindy doll the 1st one I got - I was thrilled she was a brunette like me !

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Mmm! These nuts are up to scratch: Baby red squirrel dives in head fir

With only a short break for a quick scratch, the lucky chap went straight back to feeding when also offered a handful of nuts

Anne Stokes : Art Gallery ( Love her fantasy art. She has such cool dragons! This is my favorite!

What's coming will come - so no point worrying about it, just deal with it when it does.

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