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Money money money *MONEY* money

I desire make rain and roll in cash, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

Shopppping Spreee. <3

just like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. driven all by Rodeo Drive, but haven't actually "shopped," have to do this!

Work at Disneyland. We shall see in two more years...


to be honest, one of my dreams as a little kid was so be a disney princess, it would be the ultimate dream job

Check ✔   I broke both of the major bones in my right arm when i decided to slide down a stairway banister and fell off backwards about 6 ft up or so.. not my brightest moment.

i know it sounds EXTREMELY weird.but haven't you just always wanted a cast?:) i've never broken a bone in my life. i want someone to sign me!

There would be a lot of recipes

put together a cookbook, with recipes from my family, and all my favorite recipes, and pass it on to my children :)

That would be amazing.

I will wear a disney princess inspired dress to my wedding. And maybe have the Disney princess inspired ring to go with it.

And do graffiti too of course.

That sounds like fun! I can write in a graffiti font, but I want to spray paint a brick wall with it.

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HELL YA! :D Only went to world :)


Go on a road trip to Disneyland. This would be so much fun! I'd love road tripping to California and then being a kid again at Disneyland. Disney World, too!

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yes please!


Bucket List: Visit every MLB stadium. Especially Tropicana Field, Turner Field, and Yankee Stadium.

Bucket List Tumblr | Bucketlist] TRAVEL (Louvre; Castles in Europe; Prague; Venice, Italy ...

[Bucketlist] TRAVEL (Louvre; Castles in Europe; Prague; Venice, Italy)

Venice is a great place to visit. It's steeped in history, yet it is so much fun. The gondola ride was perfect, and our gondalier even sang for us.