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Caring too much

this part is sooo, sooo true for me! "somehow her personality always got lost somewhere between her heart and her mouth, and she found herself saying the wrong thing, or more often, nothing at all"

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!! Always be thankful for your family!! No matter what, good families will always stick together and be by your side! And remember: family is being with the people you love, either from the same by blood or not! Please don't forget to tell them you love them! You may regret it if you don't!

Family quotes and sayings new and best collection to share these funny, inspirational and love quotations about happy family love and life

Pay attention when people react with anger and hostility to your boundaries. You have found the edge where their respect for you ends.

This isn't really gender/relationship-type specific. I was surprised to see how many friends dropped away when I found my "no.

just like diet coke, mediocre at best......... why settle for anything less than passionate?

Inspire strikes back.

"Unless it is mad, passionate, extraordinary love it is a waste of time. There are too many mediocre things in life. Love should not be one of them." - quote from move 'Dream for an Insomniac'