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Love this!!

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The Logic of Stupid : Photo

Live Free Or Die Hard quote. "You better dig down deeper for a bigger set of balls cause you're gonna need them.


Marines have a great sense of humor.we need to send this pilot to the White House to give our "Muslim in Chief" lessons in how to grow some balls!

Finally someone with some brains!

You Actually Believe Criminals Will Obey Gun Control Laws. You’re a Special Kind of Stupid, Aren’t You.

This is a standard Southern reaction to a threat. And we don't wait for our nails to dry before picking up that gun.

Amen!! The first people to be discriminated against and have their rights taken away....

Gun Control & leftist stupidity - yes because it worked so good for the Native Americans, huh?

Talk about an inconvenient truth. Higher legal gun ownership in a society = less crime. Seems rather obvious.

Switzerland - 1 in 2 citizens has guns. Lowest crime rate in world. Take note America…KEEP YOUR GUNS!

Prepared is the only option!

"Teach your Daughter to shoot. because a restraining order is just a piece of paper.ain't that the truth. My baby girl will never learn how I did

Do you understand young man?

Totally doing this when I am older. Hahaha my daughter would hate my husband and I!