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Just do it You need it, Your nervoussystem needs it to relax and to do things with the toxic things your brain makes whenever in stress

Patient: Who are you? Dr. Gregory House: Well, considering the only people allowed in this room are your doctor and family...I'm your long lost cousin Ralph. So glad to finally meet you! House MD quotes

Mandie on

ahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha! Bwahahahahahaha!!! <<< Exactly my reaction when I saw Doctor Strange turn up his collar

I see our future everyday....I wish I could line up all 470 of my students and give them a spoonful of self worth, self esteem, self acceptance, zeal, wonder zest and tenderness everyday!

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

House MD - Dr. Kutner: Who's that from? Dr. Gregory House: Santa, obviously…

Seven Brilliant Quotes From Famous people Can Brighten Your Day

Shakespeare, Napoleon, Einstein, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. Abdul Kalaam.

This is why I love Steve Rogers and why I will always be #TeamCap Tony Stark is cool and all, but Cap is loyal, noble, brave and selfless - those are some qualities I value in real people let alone imaginary ones. He needs to learn to have a good swear though...