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Low Body Temp, Feeling Feverish at 98.6 or less (CFS / CFIDS / ME / Fibromyalgia / Lyme Disease / Lupus / Multiple Sclerosis / Ehlers–Danlos syndrome)

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29 Things Only Migraine Sufferers Understand

It's sad that we have saved a spreadsheet file of my meds on our phones so we can email or fax it to my doctors for them to print and save in my file... Life with an autoimmune disease.

Remember, a side effect of prednisone is rage. I can't be held responsible for my actions.

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Sheri (LupusDiva) on

That One Day will be when I am called home. I have been promised. So, until then, I'll keep Fibro Strong. Do what I can. Small stuff can wait. One step at a time. But, I am human and I will hide my tears. After hiding, I'll jump back into the game of Life with both feet. I'll keep Fighting for that One Day...