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59 DIY Beauty Tutorials | Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About - You're So Pretty

35 Beauty Hacks You Need To Know About

12 Surprising Things to Add to Your Bath beauty bath diy ideas- interesting remedies -stress relief, detox, all natural


It's Ridiculous To Say Black Women's Natural Hair Is "Unprofessional"!

Oh yes....the things pictured here are very much my style, though only a "part" of my complete style

Awesome bundle of vintage aqua inspiration - loving the aqua colors.rethinking decor ---whole house redo?

Playlist voor in het vliegtuig

77 Calming Songs For Anyone Who Hates Flying De-stress with this calming playlist. (I'm not scared of flying, but this playlist looks ace.

Essential oil uses for health and beauty

Essential Oils for Skin & Beauty- I'm a firm believer in essential oils for health and beauty. I've seen amazing results and it's great knowing exactly what your using on yourself, no trying to deceifer ingredient labels like its some foreign language.

***Try Hair Trigger Growth Elixir*** ========================= {Grow Lust Worthy…

When thinking about faux dread locks determine what type of extension hair is best for the look that you want to achieve “By

There's more to Bermuda than just the beach.

8 Things to Do in Bermuda

The Crystal Caves in Bermuda, stunning cave formations! It's a whole other world underground in Bermuda!

Pink Psychology ~ “Pink’s supposed psychological effects include:  muscle relaxation, tension relief, calmness, and warmth.  Pink is said to stand for selfless love, gratitude and sympathy and may have soothing effects on the human psyche.  In colour therapy, pink is used as an appetite suppressant.  And in some places prison cells are even painted pink to calm prisoners. ” #pink #lovepink

The color pink represents compassion nurturing love. In color psychology pink represents HOPE. In pop-culture Pink = girl, UBER GIRL. The deeper the pink the more passion and energy it exhibits.