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Emanuel Hostel in Split, Croatia, with colourful bunk bed booths and graphics on walls by Lana Vitas Gruić and Toni Radan.

25hours Hotel Bikini Berlin is an urban jungle animal

25hours Bikini Hotel Berlin is an urban jungle animal...

Office & showroom by Sergey Makhno Architect #makhnodesign

Built by Sergey Makhno ,Illya Tovstonog in , Ukraine with date Images by Andrey Avdeenko. Minimalism with loft elements and warm notes of Ukrainian art create a special atmosphere in the workshop that, like .

A perfect solution for when a door is desired without stating the obvious.  From...  http://www.markdsikes.com/2012/03/15/west-village-wish/?utm_source=Register-+Mark+D.+Sikes%3A+Chic+People%2C+Glamorous+Places%2C+Stylish+Things_campaign=aedcd4d25e-RSS_EMAIL_CAMPAIGN_medium=email

10 Secret Doors Into Hidden Rooms. I think I need a secret door and hidden room, maybe 2

Not Your Average Hostels, featuring "Downtown Beds", Mexico City

Not Your Average Hostels