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How to: Expand your App Storage in Android to near infinity!! (very easy!)

How to: Expand your App Storage in Android to near infinity!

An interesting experimental display technology by the University of Sussex.

Forget holograms, here's a 'floating e-ink' display: "It's called JOLED and it measures a whopping 7 x 6 voxels high and wide. Each voxel is a diminutive multi-colored sphere, and they're suspended in mid-air by an array of ultrasound speakers"

coverstitch-guide tips

A Guide to Coverstitch Machines

Home Filing System: put all incoming paperwork into one place (even if it's just a kitchen drawer), and set aside a block of time once a month or so to deal with it.

How To Establish a Home Filing System (& Stick To It!)


Introducing the 6-in-1 Stick’n Stitch Seam Guide

In this age of multi-tasking, your seam guide of choice should be able to do more than provide a single seam allowance. I’d like to introduce you to Clover’s newest go-to seam guide for.

Need to practice this! How to sew in a shirt sleeve with ease AND a French seam.

TUTORIAL showing how to sew in a sleeve using a French seam. Also shows how to ease if the sleeve is slightly larger ~ Sewing Like Mad Sewing Like Mad: Knock it Off - Bulle de savon.