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San Gregorio Magno (Catedral de Jaén, España)

The entry hall of St Gregory’s Chapel at Sacro Speco Monastery, Subiaco. Italy, 12th century.

St. Gregory the Great was direct and firm. He removed unworthy priests from office, forbade taking money for many services, emptied the papal treasury to ransom prisoners and to care for persecuted Jews and the victims of plague and famine. An Anglican historian has written: "It is impossible to conceive what would have been the confusion, the lawlessness, the chaotic state of the Middle Ages without the medieval papacy; and of the medieval papacy, the real father is Gregory the Great."

Pope Gregory the Great, as a leader and defender of the Holy Roman Catholic Church in the Middle Ages, ensured that the Church would endure and grow during those difficult times, when much change was taking place in the Roman Empire and beyond.

march 12 Gregory the Great, Bishop of Rome, died 604 Born into wealth and power, Gregory was for a time the chief administrator of the city of Rome. Giving this up for a life in the church, he was elected pope in 590. He influenced public worship through the establishment of a lectionary and prayers to correlate with the readings. Gregorian chant is named in his honor.

Coro Gregoriano, común entre la Iglesia Católica Romana. Su nombre procede de que fueron recopilados por el Papa Gregorio Magno.