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Lewis and Clark Expedition Journal

Students research, take notes on, map, and draw details from Lewis and Clark's Expedition. Then, as Lewis or Clark, students write a first person ...

Visualizing Plant Photosynthesis: Drawing, Cut & Paste, Process Explained review

Photosynthesis: TEACHER DIRECTIONS Photosynthesis can be hard for some students to visualize. This activity takes them step by step through the pr...

Map Scale

Map Scale:This worksheet spells it out for your child, and he can practice measuring distance on a map with a ruler. Topics: Second Grade, Mapping and Directions Common Core: 2.MD.A.1

Origins of the Cold War | Free printable reading with questions (PDF file) for high school American History teachers and students.

Students will create a "suitcase" using a manilla folder. They will need to research state bird, motto, flower etc and illustrate those elements. All four of the sides in the folder will contain information, as well as a "bumper sticker" they will create on the front cover.

Aztec Journal Group Activity Project

Students use TCI readings to write a group journal about the Aztecs daily life. (If History Alive! TCI readings are unavailable to you other readin...