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Lewis and Clark Expedition Journal

Students research, take notes on, map, and draw details from Lewis and Clark's Expedition. Then, as Lewis or Clark, students write a first person ...

Lewis and Clark Guided Biography

Lewis and Clark - A Guided Biography Study. An 11-page activity for students to complete using a published biography of Lewis and Clark. Answer key and CC standards included. .

Incredible Journeys Multi-Unit Bundle

Six-Weeks - 4 Units with a Journey Theme! In this project students study a short story about a dog’s journey to his owner, investigate Lewis and Clark’s journal entries, analyze speeches about journeys, research explorers, write speeches about incredible journeys, analyze journey poems, write poetry and reflect on their personal journey while actively meeting 38 Common Core State Standards.

Students wrote letters to President Jefferson detailing their journey through the Louisiana Purchase as part of Lewis and Clark's team

California Gold Rush Extension Menu with Research-Based Activities

Let's Head West for the Gold Rush!!!A nine section extension menu for students to use when studying the Californi Gold Rush! A great way to ge...

Texas Revolution - The Alamo Writing Assignment

Imagine that you are one of the Alamo walls in 1836. What would you have seen? Experienced? In this activity you will challenge your students to write a story describing what they would have experienced if they had been at the Battle of the Alamo from the point of view of a wall.