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Chick Easter eggs... Cute and delicious!

These deviled egg chicks are so cute and just in time for Easter! Get creative!

Disney in Our Blood: Movie Night - Finding Nemo

This gave me the idea to use food coloring in cream cheese: Pink & Blue filled celery! Under The Sea Party Snacks: These savory bites, assembled from rice cakes, cream cheese, and fresh veggies, make a wholesome treat.

octidogs for kids

Make kids' lunch fun with a hot dog "octopus." It would be fun to combine with reading a book about the ocean-- the kids could help make the book come to life! And if they helped make lunch, it wouldn't be such a challenge to get them to eat!

mozart. food. SO WEIRD. I kinda want to eat it no lie..

From animal inspiration, to recreations of the most classic artistic masterpieces, these amazing bento boxes prove that food might very well be the ultimate form of art.

An awesome owl carved form a watermelon! Wallpaper and background photos of Watermelon Owl for fans of Random images.

This Rainbow Spaghetti is sure to be a hit! (with all-natural vegetable dyes? Birthday dinner!!)

3D Pop Up Christmas Cards To Make

Great idea for families with kids. Love this idea! How to Make Rainbow Pasta! Add food coloring to individual pots of boiling water. Cook pasta as directed, drain and rinse separately. Toss and get ready to swirl - Great Idea for a Birthday Pasta

That thing needs a blueprint!

Snack for the Super Bowl!

How's this for a Superbowl snack tray? Superbowl Tailgate Platter I found the picture and am sharing with y'all. I don't know who made this Super Bowl Snack. I wish I could make it. It looks so awesome

Top 10 Best Hello Kitty Party Food Recipes

sushi for dinner - - Really great meals as well as very skilled cook. sushi for dinner

Fruit & Veggie Owl. Wow! This is a work of art!!

What a creative idea! This owl is all green fruit and vegetables. Some folks get so creative with these kind of things it's amazing. Making animals from food. This was beautifully put together. and