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oh nooooo

Cookie Monster came to raid the Keebler Elves' tree-based factory/home for their delicious cookies. The elves, however, had a plan: They would fight back. With cookies.

stupid people

I think it should be that mean, selfish, self absorbed, overbearing, arrogant (narcissistic) people shouldn't breed. I can live with stupid but I can't live with hateful.

Actually dying:

"I like me because fire truck" "I only wanted to meet the Spice Girls" Lololololol

US Stereotypes.  Rainy Hipsters---wahoo.  (this is a temporary home until I make a better board...)

Funny pictures about US State Stereotypes. Oh, and cool pics about US State Stereotypes. Also, US State Stereotypes photos.

Blunder ... woman caused huge damage smashing Bentley into Mercedes, Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin

Special forces pursue killer extremists following London Bridge terror attack

Oh You Know, It's Just A Bentley, Mercedes, Ferrari, Aston Martin & Porsche Car Crash


What Do Moms Find Funny?

ZOMBIE!! | 29 Of The Best Photos Ever Taken On A Roller Coaster


50 Of The Most Amazing And Impressive Pictures Ever Taken On Amusement Park Rides

and this is what I would have said on my personal day....Lori Forbis and Becca Johnson Smith!

McCarty it's like my bad face days. Some days you just feel fat.

This is absolutely hysterical. Smartass Acts of Vandalism.

Smartass Acts of Vandalism…

Funny pictures about Smartass Acts of Vandalism. Oh, and cool pics about Smartass Acts of Vandalism. Also, Smartass Acts of Vandalism.