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"If you find yourself in Virginia's Dulles International Airport through November of this year, you might see the exhibition Life: Magnified on the walls. It features scientific images showing cells and other scenes of life magnified by as much as 50,000 times. The brilliantly-colored and beautifully-textured works depict parts of the human body such as the brain and blood cells, in addition to showing us what a fruit fly and lone star tick look like up close."

Incredible Images Show Life Magnified by as Much as 50,000 Times

Gecko lizard toe hairs inspired the design of medical adhesives Copyright Dennis Kunkel Microscopy, Inc. This up-close look at a gecko's foot shows some of its or so toe hairs, each of which is about one-tenth the thickness of a human hair.

This Fake Pool is an art installation. Learn all about it at the link.

‘fake’ swimming pool by Argentinian artist Leandro Erlich, known for his illusion-like installations, has been featured at various museums around the world.