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I am not from here, my hair smells of the wind and is full of constellations, and I move about this world with a healthy disbelief. /// Nashville, TN. Magic mama, witchy woman, herbalist, feminist, foodie, poet, empath, animal lover.

♥♥♥ "To be an angel, one need not have wings. In giving love there is an equal grace. Nor need one seek the aura in the face, As love unveils the beauty of all things." ~Francois Couperin~

As more and more levels of their consciousness arrive here on earth, there are those who have instant recognition of a past life, and can literally call upon that part of their totality when necessary. Read on to learn more!

I have been locked inside my room since the day i was born, hidden from the world of mortals. It is once in a lifetime opportunity when i find my window door open. Do i want to risk discovery, punishment? Do i really want to see the outside world??

"May I go play with the humans?" the forest child asked. The ancient Satyr paused to peer at her a moment before replying with curiosity, "Now why on earth would you want to go and do a silly thing like that?"