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These mysterious incidents gain the attention of the press and the social media. Soon, the TV channels also pick up the brouhaha. The matter becomes talk of the town and Rizzo Raheja becomes a celebrity.

Rizzo is summoned by the Officer Fuzzy Rastogi, MAS, the man from H.U.D.A. who cried U.N.C.L.E. The rat gang is then let off after some secret understanding between MAS (Muppet Administrative Services) and Rizzo, Yolanda, & Montague.

Robin says that the entry provided from National Highway to Atlantis by Rizzo Raheja is illegal, and none of the government departments have approved any such entry; in fact according to the policy no such cuts can ever be provided. This was just another one of Rahejas trick to fool buyers. And, Robin says that the constructed Atlantis does not even look like the building shown in the picture !!!