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Kids Crying For The Funniest Reasons Ever funny kids parents lol children humor funny pictures funny kids hysterical funny images why my kid is crying. I feel bad for laughing now.

Suspiciously similar flags

Suspiciously similar flags

Funny pictures about Suspiciously similar flags. Oh, and cool pics about Suspiciously similar flags. Also, Suspiciously similar flags.

This is shit Jeremy would do!

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Ok, maybe everyone else already saw this hilarious resemblance, but if not, you're welcome.

Why boybands were better. "our boybands had awesome hairstyles, like Justin Timberlakes ramen noodle hair" ha

What the.....

LMAO it's true You Can't Unsee These Will Ferrell & Pharrell Williams Face Swaps

kids in 90s vs kids in 2015

The accuracy of this post though . These kids don't play with dirt & sticks anymore, they play with eyeshadow palettes, contour kits & brow pencils.

Ariana Grande Hair Flip

Ariana Grande Sassy Memes, Pictures, GIFs

I have tried to go through this many times and not laugh. I have never been successful.

Wat lady meme turned into different memes. wat-old-lady-meme-compilation Source by

Guy texted the wrong number. Mr. Taco proceeds to have the most genius conversation with him.

It rarely happens that you get a wrong number text, or you send a text to an unknown person. But the life is full of uncertainty and sending a text to the wrong number is not a big issue.

Funny Beauty Memes | POPSUGAR Beauty Photo 11

100 Beauty Memes That Will Make You LOL

Few things have the ability to brighten our day like a solid meme. But we found something even better than the average meme — beauty memes!