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Wooden Bear Mobile Rustic

This mobile is made with 9 wooden bears. Each bear measures about 4 . The bears are stained in 3 different colors and all have a coat of varnish. More

Ok, this falls somewhere between odd, hilarious, and rather creative. ["Fur" (2010) - Andrius Erminas]


RACHEL COOPER = Coconut Palm is a great alternative to many other types of wood that are harvested for production in homes. It is fast growing and ready to bear fruit in 5-6 years. It is only the older trees that are harvested and they stop bearing fruit at 60-80 years old, which means that they would be dying soon anyway. To make it even more appealing as a use for household furnishings it is cheaper to buy than others forms of wood and comparable to mahogany when it comes to the hardness.