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There is no perfect time to start...you have to create the perfect time! Decide, commit, succeed. Where will you be in 13 weeks?

How to be a happier person. Happiness starts within remember you’re responsible for your own happiness. You are in control.You can either decide you want to be a happier person all the time or a grumpy person. How to be a happier person can be contributed by things you, say, think and so forth. So what if you changed some of the things you do and did them a little bit different.how to be happy

The first step for me is to DECIDE that I am "Good Enough & that I am Worthy" for someone some day; and to trust in God's plan for me.

Learn how to get the body you've want - still eat the foods you love, drink as much as you want - burn fat, build muscle, drink alcohol, eat anything

It is not cheating. it is a choice decide exactly what you want and eat a single serving in public. It is success when you can forgive yourself for not being pefect instead of binging the rest of the day. There are no forbidden foods.

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