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Explore Xmas Jew Days, Phant and more!

I love driving around on Christmas day at night into neighborhoods just to look at the lights. there absoutely isn't anything to do on Christmas for a Jew so you have to be creative!

This would have been acceptable! LEGO Star Wars Nativity - complete with 3 Wise Bounty Hunters! I must own these!

I am Christian, but I don't understand why it is okay to observe Easter and Christmas, but SO many churches won't celebrate Halloween because it is an "evil pagan" holiday! All of my life I've celebrated these holidays and it still doesn't make sense to me! A "lie" is a "lie" whether the intentions are good or bad. So, I guess us "Holiday-observing Christians" aren't so "Christian" after all! Maybe I need to better research and reevaluate my religious views.

Go green: Yotam Ottolenghi’s delicious green bean recipes

Yotam Ottolenghi's green beans with peanuts and lime. Look down page for Braised new potatoes with broad beans and pink peppercorns