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Coping with Eczema/Dermatitis and Food Allergies on my Business Trip

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Why children are more likely to develop food allergies: Researcher identifies T cell population that renders normal food harmless

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Tax Time: Medical and Disability-Related Expenses

Tax time is approaching yet again, and there are some disability related tax credits available in Canada, even for people with MCS/ES (some of which I will post below). There are also tax credits offered to people who need to retrofit their homes for medical reasons: Renovation or construction expenses - the amounts paid to…

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Skin Reactions to Beauty Products

Skin Reactions to Beauty Products | Organic Skin and Body Care

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Finding a Cure for Food Allergies

E.A.T Co-Founders Kim Hall and Elise Bates, who founded a non-profit that is 100% dedicated to funding food allergy research. Read my Q&A with them on The Allergy Free Wife.

If you have food allergies, Disney is an OUTSTANDING place to visit. On our first trip when our daughter was 7, it was the first time in her life our family was able to go to a restaurant and have EVERYONE order from the menu. The angels were singing! Check it out!


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