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‘Doomsday Clock’ Ticks Forward: Climate Change, Nuclear Weapons Push Humanity Closer Towards Global Catastrophe

📣WAKE UP PPL! - 'Doomsday Clock' Ticks Forward: Climate Change, Nuclear Weapons Push Humanity Closer Towards Global Catastrophe

Change Management: A Necessary Evil for Any Organizational Change

Organizational Change Management (OCM) initiatives at Fortune 1000 companies have overwhelmingly failed to deliver on promised outcomes.

Cinco catástrofes que casi acabaron con la humanidad.

EXTREMELY IMPORTANT Truth That Can Save the World Part Knowledge that can save humanity from Climate Catastrophes The writings/thoughts of John Paily, we're first shared weeks ago on The Canadian.

vault door

The front door when you need to pee. Invisible Illness, more things you need to plan for with a hummingbird bladder.

"Family Dentistry"

So besides keeping your smile healthy, regular dental care can help keep your whole body healthy, and we all want that.

Make storytelling a business competency.

Design more intuitive interfaces by drawing inspiration from visual stories. UX Designer Jessica Lowry explains her step-by-step process.

Earring, Mochica culture. From the collection of the Museo del Oro, Lima, Peru.

From February 2 to June the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts will present for the first time and exclusively in Canada, the exhibition Peru: Kingdoms of the Sun and Moon: Identities and Conquest in the Early, Colonial and Modern Periods.

Koch ally to introduce Monsanto-backed bill to bar state GMO labeling laws! Monsanto at it again, they REALLY don't want us to know what is in our food, pushing to prohibit mandatory GMO labeling! "Rep. Mike Pompeo will introduce legislation backed by powerful trade groups to prevent states from passing laws requiring the labeling of genetically-modified foods. The bill is linked to biotech giant Monsanto and Koch Industries."  http://rt.com/usa/gmo-labeling-koch-monsanto-249/

Report finds cancer deaths have doubled in Argentina's GMO growing regions

The Briefcase is CBS’s newest hit of the summer 5/27 7-8 pm CST #ad

CBS’ ‘The Briefcase’ Spins Itself as Uplifting Television While Exploiting Families in Need