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"I cannot wait for it to hit theatres this Thursday so I can experience the joy of watching it all over again." Kernel Jack Dignan​ loves Disney​'s remake of Pete's Dragon​ as much as I worshipped the original. Can't wait to see this one myself this weekend. Review's now up for your reading pleasure.

Warning: Do not watch this children's animation that’s "a pretty close match for both America’s historic racism and its new Islamophobia." ZOOTOPIA is out now from Disney Pictures and JK gets fired up at some furless biped with a carrot up her butt.

SAVING MR. BANKS: THE REVIEW First article off the mark today is the wonderful review by another great guest reviewer, Kerryn Williams, of the charming SAVING MR. BANKS. The film is out now and please enjoy Kerryn's review - leave him a comment on the website if you approve or disapprove of his thoughts.