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RIVER MILES (l-r) Barbara Kreft "Confluence," James Beaman "Untitled (series of 5)" Lisa Grossman "Sinuous Blue," Kathleen Waterloo "See the World"

Winter Salon I 2015, CIRCA Gallery (l-r) James Beaman "Tahiti," Alfred Harris "Truant" and "Daddy's Girl," Matthew Bergen "Untitled (1407)"

SUMMER SALON (l-r) Matthew Bergen "Untitled 1607", Juan Alonso "(not) White, (not) Black", Lisa Pressman "Floating", James Beaman "Untitled 09-6-16"

CIRCA + NEU (l-r) Shawna Moore "False Precision", Shawna Moore "Point of Reference", James Beaman "Untitled 1-6-22-15", Carmen Vetter "Talus II"

NINER NINER | KATHLEEN (l-r) Juan Alonso "Boardwalk", Jeff Leonard "ALK1", Ann Ledy "Rotation III", James Beaman "Untitled1-6-22-15", Ann Ledy "Rotation I", Audrey Philips "Inward to an Unsaid"

Winter Salon II 2015 (l-r) Myke Reilly "Pokana," Paul Rinaldi "Etude no. 27," Ellen Richman "Nightshade," Margaret Fitzgerald "Vessel"

Winter Salon I 2015, CIRCA Gallery (l-r): Harold Hollingsworth "Scarlet" and "Tremelo," Richard Hutter "Numa" and "Panta," David Rich "Convex Inverse II"

Winter Salon II 2015 (l-r) Carmen Vetter "Dark Matter," Jeff Leonard "BK11-3," Carmen Vetter "Rift IV," "Fissure IV," "Fissure"

Winter Salon I 2015, CIRCA Gallery (l-r) Barry Maxwell "Smokescreen," Ann Ledy "Deconstruction of a Circle in Red," Shawna Moore "Suspension" series of 3 SOLD, James Beaman "Tahiti" SOLD