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WordPress and Paid GNU GPL Themes

WordPress and Paid GNU GPL Themes combination is always a matter of debate. Here is some clarification about the Paid Themes and Paid GNU GPL Themes as a whole.

WordPress Plugin to Avoid Snippet on Theme’s functions.php

With this plugin, you can save this snippet as PHP file with a meaningful name like remove-image-link.php and directly drop inside the /snippets/ directory of the plugin

non-UTF8 Character Like  Removal From WordPress Posts

Some has MEANING. Some has no meaning (= blank space). Â, ​ has no meaning. Without any reason appearance is basically not your error. Such characters need simple removal. But, meaningful characters need replacement.

.nanorc File For OS X iTerm2 .zshrc

We have an extensive nanorc file collection which can found on GitHub as Repo.

AirTel Home WiFi Huawei B310 LTE CPE Router Review

Possibly Many Need AirTel Home WiFi Huawei B310 LTE CPE Router Review To Decide For Home or Office or Development Need as Router Device.

Zend OPcache WordPress Visualization Plugin

Obviously we have written about some command line stuffs related to Zend OpCache apart from the plugin...

WordPress W3TC Plugin : Fix CDN Not Working Issue

Debugging needed more for checking for any gross issue, mainly for security.

Apache Traffic Server vs Varnish vs Nginx

Human commonly can not understand the difference between Apache HTTPD Server and Apache Traffic Director. Varnish is not in game unless they natively support newer protocols. We probably should talk about Apache Traffic Server vs Nginx.

Guide To Buy 4G/LTE Router or Hotspot & Extend Network

It is Normal to Get Fooled By the Devices Sold By Internet Service Provider (ISP). Here is a Foolproof 4G/LTE Router or Hotspot Buying Guide.