Hotel Eden, Joseph Cornell

Untitled ( the Hotel Eden) 1945 - Joseph Cornell think of creating your own frames and boxes within the box

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cavetocanvas: Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Bird Box), c. 1948 From the National Galleries of Scotland: Cornell was a keen amateur naturalist and bird-watcher. He began using engravings and cut-out pictures of birds, as well as stuffed birds, from

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Joseph Cornell: Owl Cornell was a self-taught but accomplished artist who worked in mixed media, well known for his boxes.

Untitled (Yellow Bird Habitat) By Joseph Cornell ,Circa 1958

Artwork by Joseph Cornell, Untitled (Yellow Bird Habitat), Made of illuminated box construction

Joseph Cornell

A surreal assemblage, à la Joseph Cornell, of a woman posing with a hoop, framed by an early camera iris.

conversationswiththelight: Joseph Cornell, Untitled (To Marguerite Blachas), c…

Joseph Cornell: Untitled (To Marguerite Blachas), circa "Book-object made with volume XXII of 'Journal d'agriculture practique' (Paris, containing several small objects, magazine clippings, fabric and synthetic hair"

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Self-taught American Surrealist artist, Joseph Cornell produced endearing and captivating mini-worlds in his series of assemblage boxes, using found objects from junk shops and street corners.

Joseph Cornell, Via Parmigianino (For Allegra) 1956

Joseph Cornell , Medici Slot Machine , 1942 Construction 15 x 12 x 4 New York, The Reis Family Collection Sources: Portr.

Joseph Cornell

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missfolly: Untitled (aka Great Horned Owl with Harvest Moon), by Joseph Cornell, ca.

Object (Roses des Vents) by Joseph Cornell, c. 1942-53. Construction, 2⅝ x 21¼ x 10⅜ inches. The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, NY.

Object (Roses des Vents) by Joseph Cornell, c. Construction, x x inches. The Museum of Modern Art, New York City, NY. The term roses des vents is French for a compass dial. The box.

Untitled (Bebe Marie): early 1940s by Joseph Cornell (Museum of Modern Art, NYC)

Joseph Cornell Untitled (Bebe Marie) Early Construction 23 x 12 x 5 in. The Museum of Modern Art, New York


Joseph Cornell artist link - created 'boxes' which represented people using objects. Could be done uisng card or clay or a combination of media based on yourself or an alternative individual.