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Snow Leopard

Snow leopards have huge tails to help them balance on the cliffs where they live.

Léopard des neiges                                                                                                                                                      More


The young leopard, related to lions and tigers located in sun- Sahara, West Africa

Snow Leopard

Sticking with today's tail theme, did you know a snow leopard's tail can be up to 1 meter inches) long. Like └▶ Big Cats ⊱ ƒ ǟ ʍ ⊰

Once again, a picture of Villy walking. You can see snow in the background.

Léopard des neiges

Scary Snow Leopard wallpaper for your desktop and other Tigers wallpapers. Resizable Scary Snow Leopard wallpaper for any device so you can get your Tigers wallpaper on whatever screen you like.

Snow Leopard (by Tony_Gardner)

Leopard buddy: Hey you! Leopard: what Leopard buddy: do you want to play a game? :D Leopard: ugh, fine. Just, give 1 hour for sleepy time.