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"I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep. I'm trying, I'm trying to sleep. But I can't, but I can't when you all have, guns for hands, yeah."~Twenty-one Pilots

political art! Love this piece. The first one, pedophiles in the catholic church, child prostitution in Thailand, child army recruitment in Syria, child organ trafficking, free guns in USA and child obesity.

ALL mainstream media is in the pocket of the establishment. 15 were HIRED by the WH since 2009. STILL say there is NO MEDIA BIAS?

It's okay to OBJECTIFY women's bodies, but apparently it's not okay to BE one. #feminism

It stops becoming funny when children who are legally unable to make their own medical decisions die because their parents think prayer will save them.

Ightam Mote, Kent Posted by

Come on, at least show up to the gun fight with something other than a stick…