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Make a Toddler's Bath Time Less Frustrating with a Laundry Basket

42 Ingenious and Clever Tricks That Make Everyday Parenting So Much Fun Think Parenting is Tough? Well, Not Anymore! Check out these amazing ideas to make everyday problems turn into fun activities. Parenting was never this easier...and fun!

Baby girl knit white hat with removable flower by AngelBabyHats, $15.00

Handmade Baby Gift Ideas

Here's a darling way to track all of the adorable baby outfits you received at your shower—a set of eight closet dividers marked with sizes Newborn through Description from I searched for this on

turn baby's first shoe into a sentimental christmas ornament! write the year on the bottom! Somthing to do with her old little shoes besides putting them in a box.