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Ghost Stories — Futures Exchange — Medium The photographs we take of ourselves, or have taken of us, are the visual record of our existence in the world. However, we are finding that occasionally they will go on to live lives without us, in darker, or more abstracted places than we ever imagined. Our images become involuntary nomads, displaced across the internet to places we don’t predict, permit, or have knowledge of. I remember last year the proposed change to Instagram’s terms and…

Polish poster for the American film Saddle in the Wind, designed by Maria Syska-Dabroska 1965.

-In a way, German aesthetics has blended into the works of several Polish artists, to the advantage of your theatre and audiences. Thanks to this phenomenon, you became interested in political and social issues. Subjects that have so far been deemed unworthy, as they are too close to journalism. Germans don’t think like that. Tanja Miletić Oručević, director, Mostar Youth Theatre, Bosnia quoted in Polish Theatre and Foreign Eye /