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Explore Sherlock Don'T, Sherlock Hahahahha and more!

Doctor Who, Sherlock, Supernatural - mix them all together and you get something very, very dangerous.

johnlock, johnwatson, tumblr, sherlock

Sounds about right {Sherlock/Supernatural} <--- I'm not in Supernatural but I absolutely love this it is perfect

Sherlock-Tangled crossover. Mycroft knows best.-- this made me giggle during a test

superwholock, supernatural, doctorwho, sherlock

supernatural, doctorwho, sherlock

Dexter is a show where the good guy who is also a bad guy is a serial killer and kills other bad guys who happen to be serial killers

On a scale of 1 to Sam Winchester, how done are you with your brother? Loki. Mycroft.