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yama-bato:  Poland, 19th century  Egg decorated with micrographic text from the Song of Songs, Handwritten in ink, 7 x 5 2398 “From the 18th...

“ Poland, C. Egg decorated with micrographic text from the Song of Songs. Handwritten in ink. From the century, and perhaps even earlier, hollow eggs on which sacred texts had been written in micrography were used to decorate European sukkahs.

18th century sailor's diary (I considered faking an aged look to make it seem like it was from that period).

Diary of 18th century sailor provides fascinating insight into life below decks in Nelson's navy

"A unique record of the British navy between 1790 and 1833 that was compiled by a sailor has emerged in the US. The diary of George Hodge shows the "below decks" view of life at sea during a crucial time for Britain's senior service.

Maebyong    Korea, 13th century    The Metropolitan Museum of Art

Metropolitan Museum of Art Maebyeong, Goryeo dynasty late century Korea Stoneware with inlaid decoration of cranes and clouds under celadon glaze H.

Textile Fragment with Tree, 6th-7th century, Made in Possibly Egypt

Textile Fragment with Pomegranate - century - Made in Possibly Egypt - Tapestry weave in polychrome wool and undyed linen on plain-weave ground of undyed linen - 87 x 62 cm - MET

.Hip Hop Sub Art

If you know me, you know I love the hip-hop culture. This collage of hip-hop icons represents a genre of music that I hold close to me.