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Explore Human Faces, Damascus and more!

Journalist and documentary maker Nelofer Pazira details the strange experiences of a recent trip through Damascus and surrounding Syrian communities.

Miss Universe Canada's hockey-themed 'national costume' goes viral (CBC News 22 January 2015)

It’s one thing to say you don’t want the government interfering in his right to peddle his bile, but it’s quite another to defend forcing others to pay for it with their taxes


Feeling Burned By The Media, Trump Turns Up The Heat

Trump Threatens To Sue 'The New York Times' Over Sex Abuse Allegations : NPR

Epaper examples

Anti-Vaccine Movement - Rex Murphy example of POV


Toronto Star

Karl Kraus wrote minutely on events from 1899 to 1936 as refracted through major newspapers.

Top, Nick Ut's iconic "Napalm Girl" photo taken 43 years ago Monday. Bottom, Ut visits the spot where he snapped the iconic image.

from CBC News

The New York Times. All the news that's fit for your Facebook feed?

Facebook, New York Times deal could change news business: Reported deal for Facebook to host New York Times, BuzzFeed content represents media power shift (CBC News 27 March 2015)