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Ultimate Guide of Busy Bag Ideas - 100+ Ideas Sorted by Category

This is the ULTIMATE GUIDE of Busy Bags. Look no further. Busy bags for Baby, Color, Shapes, Letters / ABC, Numbers, Clothes Pin, Popsicle Sticks, Lego, Car and Train, Quiet Books and Boxes, Fine Motor, Nature, Puzzles and many others!

PRIME - InbaniThe inspiration for the pieces comes from antique metal bathtubs and sinks, with the typical rolled edge. An contemporary design interpretation in a contemporary material, but with the soft poetic appeal from the antique tubs. The soft shape of all the items is inspired by the pressure of water and resembles the way a water filled balloon takes shape after the water pressure. This natural and recognizable shape along with the soft rolled edges makes this design extraordinarily…

Plastic Pattern Blocks at Lakeshore Learning Plastic Pattern Blocks $19.99 Young children can use our versatile blocks for patterning, counting and problem solving…while older kids can explore early geometry concepts! 250 colorful plastic blocks in a storage tub. item# DA910 Pattern Blocks Activity Cards $12.99 20 laminated, 8 1/2" x 11" cards gradually progress in difficulty, helping kids explore patterning, properties of shapes, symmetry and more. item# TH4530

Counting Game with Buttons and Muffin Cups

Counting Game with Buttons and Muffin Cups! This games teaches counting and number recognition. Great for Pre-K students and the buttons can be used over and over again. Items for activity are really inexpensive, which is always a bonus.