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ALifeboat carrying unidentified men of the 1st Divisional Signal Company, 25 April 1915. A02781

'With the camera at Anzac' – Lord Kitchener's farewell salute at Anzac, 14.11.15. This photograph is from an album of Anzac Cove and surrounding areas, taken in 1915 by three young Australian soldiers. NAA: A1861, 4210. See more images from the album on Flickr:

The Other Anzacs: The Extraordinary Story Of Our World War I Nurses

ANZAC Day dawn service (2013) at Warrnambool, Victoria.

Great War Soldier Unidentified Australian soldier from the First World War. Photo taken by Bartlett Brothers of Bendigo.

British women employed as porters due to the shortage of men during World War I, London, UK, 1915.

Military history fans certainly knows the Anzac, short for “Australian and New Zealand Army Corps”, these troops from Oceania, who fought in the First World War. Gallipoli, Canakkale Dardanelles

Bathing frames devised for the handling of seriously wounded patients during their initial bath upon entering the hospital. 1915. World War 1.

Faces of our Anzacs