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BruceWeber The Queen! (Everybody better get the hell out of her way! But her ride looks scared shitless. I LOVE THIS PHOTO!


Not your bitch. I hate the increasing use of the word 'Bitch' it is becoming so common place now. Stop making the use of this word acceptable!

Audrey Hepburn during a break in the filming of 'The Nun's Story', 1959.

Audrey Hepburn at a restaurant in the Belgian Congo during the filming of The Nun’s Story, Photo by Leo Fuchs (Beauty Face Girl)

Audrey is even more chic in black and white.

I love her. I love how she persevered despite years of heartbreak. I love how strong she was. And graceful and dignified. Audrey Hepburn, Paris, 1956 by David Seymour

Smoke and drink

A Dying Art

King County Board of Health members restricted sales and use of electronic cigarettes last month. The e-cigarette is a battery-powered device designed to

Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn. Another Hepburn classic. Great New York scenes.

Halloween costume Breakfast at Tiffanys Audrey Hepburn. Another Hepburn classic. It made me want to move to NYC at my first viewing.

gihadid: Gigi Hadid by Alique for Vogue Netherlands

gihadid: Gigi Hadid by Alique for Vogue Netherlands (http://spellandthegypsycollective.tumblr.com/)

Beautiful American Fashion Model Gigi Hadid Modeling For Vogue Netherlands Fashion Editorials Modeling As One Of The Highest Paid Models In The World. The World’s Highest Paid Models. The Top Earning Models In The World.

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''Confidence is being able to say “Fuck you, I’m the shit” without opening your mouth, say it with your walk, with your smile, say it with your entire being.

Audrey Hepburn

Vintage Style Icon Audrey Hepburn's timeless beauty and effortless style transcends beautifully into a classic and elegant wedding.

Cara Delevingne Style Inspiration

Cara Delevingne Style Inspiration