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Lamborghini Aventador catches fire while on demo drive in Australia | RushLane Indian Cars Bikes News Reviews & Photos

Jos Verstappen in the 1994 German Grand Prix at Hockenheim. The Dutchman managed to escape from this with just minor burns to his nose! His visor was partly open!

Jackie Stewart - No photo sums up this beautiful yet brutal era of Grand Prix racing quite like this one.

He couldn't handle his feelings well, so he ran away from them. Both figuratively and literally. She was trying to catch up to him, to explain things to him, but he was too fast for her. And even if she did catch up to him, he wouldn't listen.

Used this on placement but had road letters for the children to trace with fire engines!

Outer Space - 5 Seconds of Summer. Probably my favor song off the album next to Castaway, Broken Home, and Invisible.

XD I just watched this episode last night, I remember in the first season he disappeared beyond the wall

This could be so many things

That's a sign of a REAL band and lyricist. I'm now going to thank my absolute idol, thank Pete ;)