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LadyNoir pt. 1

Ladybugs Crush On Chat Noir - ML Love Square Theory - Part - Miraculous Ladybug

Adrien's Crush pt.1

Adrien's Crush - I seriously need to rewatch this series, just so I can analyze everything.

I believe this translates something like "You cannot love Chat Noir, he is not real". "But, it's true love!". Thank you google translate and bilingual family.

Memes de miraculous ladybug - #21

#miraculousladybug, #miraculous

Dude, you have to see this

LOL the first ep / last ep the begining at the end, where ladybug saves Chloe & yet they all still thought she was lady bug, besides lady bug has FUCKING Blue hair, idiots, LOL XD Lol when Niko said your hair smells like strawberries I lost it

Notice Adrien's in color and Marionette's is was tiny and cute XD.

Look at these two dorks. (Adrien and Marionette) (Miraculous Ladybug) << i ship it so hard

I especially want Alya to find out. Season 2 would be a great time for her to find out, and maybe at the end of Season 3 we can get at least ONE of them to reveal their secret identity to the other? Although really, if one does it, the other will too, so . . . both is good

Specially the last one. But now she is a miraculous holder so that's not possible ugh

OMG i really hope this will be al the Kwami!!!!!  | Miraculous Ladybug:

Okay, so I have a theory that Peacock is Adrian's twin sister, Alaina, Volpina (the actual hero the fix kwami turns its owner into) is Alya, and the bee is just undetermined.